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Current Residence: Somewhere between the realms of reality and fantasy...
Favourite style of art: none specifically
Shell of choice: Coquille St-Jacques with extra sauce
Wallpaper of choice: A pic of my beloved Selphie-chan
Skin of choice: without melanoma
Favourite cartoon character: Jack Skellington (TNBC)
Personal Quote: 'It is better to try and fail than fail to try'
It's been nearly a year since my last update at Deviantart, and here is a summary of why:

First off I was unable to hold a pencil or work with a computer mouse for prolongued periods of time. I still can't bend my wrist to do normal pushups, it's like the joint is rusted and won't go any further, plus it hurts when I try (a lot).

Medical doctors have been no help, those I've consulted prescribed pain-killers and anti-inflammatoy meds, which only made me drowsy and made my blood pressure rise. Fun fact I learned from this: anti-inflammatory meds interfere with the kidneys' functioning, and the kidneys are key to keep blood pressure normal.

I also felt drained most of the year, unable to get interested in anything. There too I was precribed anti-depressors, which gave me insomnia :eyepopping:, flatulance :fart: and the munchies :chew:. Talk about the medecine being worse than the illness...

On the major-pain list,we had a call from a relative with addiction issues, who in the past lied, conned, made threats and blamed us for his troubles (you see the type) asking if he could spend the Holidays at our place. We haven't heard from that self-centered cockroach in 7 years so I told him to stay well the Hell away from us (Christmas miracles only happen in movies :santa:). Of course now he is pissed-off and cursed me :ohnoes: by wishing me to lose all and die an horrible death. I'm not losing sleep over that though :lol:

A piece of advice: Do not bother trying to help out selfish, self-centered people. They think the Universe should go to extreme lenghts to make them happy, and that all their failures are other people's fault. I learned this the hard way, so consider yourself dully warned :salute:

My sister got a divorce ealier this year, which is a happy thing since nobody liked her :trollface:, er- hubby. The guy is self-centered, arrogant, ugly, hairy, smelly - we're getting off track here - anyway things are a lot better now for all involved, except him but who cares (not me =P)

I was also internetless because my computer's motherboard died :dead:, the processor got fried, and I had a suspicion something was wrong when the processor's cooling-unit's fan started to run at warp speed and I smelled something like burnt old socks coming form the computer :onfire:

Sadly, Fionna, the kitten we rescued from the streets a year ago, had to be put to sleep. She developed a condition and was in pain and unable to control her bladder. We tried different veterinarians, had her spend the night at the clinic in case she had an urinary infection (she didn't), and the vets couldn't figure it out. We thus had to make the hard choice to put an end to her suffering. The house feels a little emptier now, but fortunately we have our 3 other cats and 2 new addtions to the family (more on that later).

And so, deprived of motivation and a computer I became addicted to anime. Well, not really, but good friends of mine introduced me to Urusei Yatsura, Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, Yuyushiki and a bunch of others I haven't watched yet. I found out that I really like slice of life anime, but I noticed that guys (males) always get abused in every conceivable way. At least Zuko (Avatar The Last Airbender) is not alone.

I waited for my wrist to get better watching anime, Game Of Thrones (my friends also have all the DVDs!), and putting money aside until I was able to afford a new computer. Everything was getting back on track until I realized that new computers must have Windows8 as an operating system :X.

Windows8 is evil :devilish:

Here are a few warnings if you recently fell into the clutches of... er- upgraded to Win8:

Beware the vampire! :omfg: Unless you have unlimited bandwidth turn-off live-tiles or uninstall them in the Start menu, and disable automatic Apps' updates. If you don't the vampire -er- Win8 will drain your bandwidth faster than my self-centered loser cockroach I haven't seen in 7 years relative with addiction issues can down a six-pack (the useless :bug:!). Maybe not that fast actually, but very nearly, the guy has a talent for intoxication :drunk: getting off track again... anyway, before I took action Win8 had used in 2 days as much bandwidth as I normally use in a month, so it's not a minor issue.

Issues with PhotoshopCS:

1) I set my old harddrive as a secondary one in the new computer, and keep my documents, videos, pictures and music there. I set that extra-drive as a scratch disk for Photoshop, and then when I tried to open Photoshop I got the message, "Unable to open because the file is locked" :rage: If this happens to you it is futile to uninstall/reinstall Photoshop as the preferences file will not be deleted, and what is causing the problem is setting the scratch-disk to another drive than C.

What you need to do is click to open Photoshop and the millisecond it starts loading press the <Ctl> and <Alt> keys simultaneously. Don't ask me why, but 2 things can happen: (a) You will get a pop-up with the message Are you sure you want to delete the preferences file (or something similar), and unless you've been sleeping so far :yawn: you've figured out you have to select 'YES'. Photoshop will open normally and you'll have to reconfigure your preferences. (b) You will get a pop-up named 'Scratchdisk preferences' with 4 fields, set the first one to 'STARTUP' and the 3 others to 'NONE'. And voilà, problem solved!

2) When using the magic-wand selection tool, Photoshop would crash and I the message "there is not enough RAM" appeared. I have an I5 processor with 12Gb of RAM, so this was surprising (and extremely irritating) to say the least. Long story short, a MultiProcessor Support file which needed an update was causing the problem (I'll write a tutorial about it if enough people ask).

So now comes the good stuff this year:

I now have a computer that does what I need it to do, my wrist is healed enough so I can draw and work with the mouse, my general health and motivation are good, and we adopted 2 litle female rats that I named Yukari and Yuzuko (after the anime series Yuyushiki which I really like :love:).

I found out that rats are extremely intelligent creatures, very clean and capable of affection (unlike some specimens of Homo sapiens). I often let them roam around my desk when I am at the computer, but I have to be on guard because they're amazingly quick when it comes to stealing my snacks. My cats seem to get along with them, and the cage which is their home is big and sturdy (that last just in case the cats' instincts take over).

Now Christmas is less than a month away, and now that my sister got divorced from her :trollface: er- hubby I will spend it with her for the first time in 5 years. Did I mention how toxic self-centered people can be? This to say that I am looking forward to the Holidays and to a good rest :sleep:

To all my dear peers here at Deviantart, rest assured I have not forgotten you and I missed you. I have a ton of messages to reply to, so please be patient. I feels really good to be back :w00t:

Hoping that things will continue to look up :pray:

  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Reading: Dome by S.King
  • Watching: anime
  • Drinking: cappuccinos

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vick330 Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I replied to your note, so just give me credit and it will be alright :nod:
lessmsios Mar 26, 2014  New member
Ok, thanks Vick! If I end up using it I will send you info and you'll be credited.

BTW - how do you want the credit to appear? Name? Any email? Any site url?
vick330 Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess my deviantart account would be appropriate:

If you need a custom GIF similar to the ones I've already done send me a note. If it's not too complex I can manage.
(1 Reply)
long time no sea what have you been up to.
vick330 Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blame the artist, not poor Zuzu :(
vick330 Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not much, still in physiotherapy for my arm & hand :(  still can't draw but I should be able to soon :pray:
why what happen to your arm and hand?
vick330 Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Chronic tendinitis.  A result of years of odd jobs to pay my way through college & university, and now it's catching up to me :(

It's getting better every week now, so I feel really happy :w00t:
(1 Reply)
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